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SailGP Technologies:

Innovation beyond the sport.

LocationLondon, UK
Type#Branding #Typography #Animation #Technology

Developing future technologies beyond sailing.

Driven by the mission ‘High Performance, Sustainable Innovation,’ SailGP Technologies is a purpose-led company. From custom software solutions to composites engineering, the company is branching out beyond the sea.

We wanted to create a brand identity that highlighted technical prowess over nautical experience. The central node, expanding and retracting into an expansive matrix reflects a constant finger on the pulse. Every aspect of this evolving landscape is seamlessly connected.

High Performance, Sustainable Innovation.

Typography and art direction culminate to strengthen the company’s focus on applied technologies. A pared back colour palette flexes to work for a complex network of specialties: from aero & hydro dynamics modelling to metal machining and composite production.

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