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Butterfield Group:

A warm, welcoming rebrand.

LocationHamilton, Bermuda
Type#Branding #Brand Strategy #Art Direction #Digital Design #Typography

Enriching communities with local expertise.

Since opening Bermuda’s first bank, Butterfield has been at the heart of local community, offering personal and curated services that are built on lifelong, face to face relationships. The identity draws influence from Butterfield’s origins in Bermuda, with a colour palette and animated patterns inspired by the Caribbean landscape and local architecture. The redrawn mythical mascot, nicknamed “Vern,” plays a central role in the identity, embodying both friendliness and legacy.

Butterfield operates beyond financial services. The bank provides employment opportunities, supports local change-makers and sponsors community-led events. The initiative icon ‘Here For Island Life’ demonstrates their commitment to do social good.

A new global look.

Butterfield has presence in many jurisdictions and functions across the Caribbean, Channel Islands and the UK. But all share a core focus on community engagement and sustainable practices. This warmth is expressed through every touchpoint.

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