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LocationDen Bosch, Netherlands
Type#Identity #Art Direction #Photography #Illustration #Digital #Copywriting

Exceptional products for exceptional brands.

stichd makes the complex look simple. The company partners with sport and lifestyle giants like PUMA, Tommy Hilfiger and Formula1 to offer design, production, marketing, and operations. Spread across 5 continents, the company previously operated as: Dobotex, Dobologic, and Branded.

3 became 1 through stichd. ‘Simplicity meets complexity’ is inspired by their many harmonious contradictions. They are efficient yet warm. Global, not corporate. Vast but intimate. And above all, human.

Personality and process.

stichd is not only exacting about their process. They put people first and sponsor a culture where every voice is heard. We wanted to capture this humanity through a mix of warm photography and charming illustrations by Lennard Kok.

The simple story of complexity.

Simplicity isn’t always simple. Even the most humble product is made with intricate precision.

Complexity doesn’t need to be confusing. stichd makes elaborate processes look easy and profitability effortless.

Our identity plays on this dual nature, with a pure “simple” face and a more intricate “complex” face — expressed through multi-faceted collateral and website reveals where hover states uncover the hidden depth that makes everything stichd does look so effortless.

Work life balance.

stichd wholeheartedly believes that happy people make a happy workplace. As part of the rebrand, a core goal was to attract new talent. We highlight stichd’s progressive ethos through a dedicated careers platform and showcase the company’s nurturing side at every touchpoint.

Ultimately, stichd is about people.
Nina Nix

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