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A behind-closed-doors experience.

LocationBoston, MA
Type#Branding #Naming #Logo Design #Interior #Art Direction #Signage

A hotel collection of ten custom crafted trailers.

The trailers are meticulously designed for a premium and experiential stay. Tucked between a sister mid-century hotel called The Verb, and Boston’s iconic Fenway Park. Once a historic Howard Johnson’s Motel, The Verb is a cultural destination synonymous with music and travel. Backstage amplifies this by celebrating the journey to the stage, and what happens after.

Inspired by lyricism in music and life.

Handwriting plays a central role in our identity. A suggestion of spontaneity, intimacy, and the personal touch. Not only autographic, but deeply biographic. The best notes, whether in songwriting or on postcards, are handwritten.

We want to capture that feeling of getting the band back together.
Steve Samuels, Investor

The place where music and travel meet.

The story is an invitation to discover genuine glamour and modern nostalgia. Alluding to musicians touring America on the road and the universal desire for adventure — all completing their road trip in a Fenway parking lot before the show.

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